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WOLFTRIKE® drift cup 3rd stage registration

WOLFTRIKE® Drift Cup will consist of practices, qualifications and tandem runs. Track will be covered with drawn boxes and zones, posted pylons and drift referee’s. Only difference from real drift – there’s no exhaust fumes and you don’t need a car which needs frequent tire change. Instead of that your will race with electric drift trike that we will provide you.

Second stage will take place on April 5th, at WOLFTRIKE® Drift Halle indoor track. Competition will begin with at 10:00 am with Kids class, followed by Junior class and Pro class. Everyone is welcome to register in advance, but you can also register on the day of the race.

WOLFTRIKE® drift trikes are equipped with an electric engine, which is capable of reaching the maximum power of up to 1000 W, and the top speed of 50 km/h. A specially designed chassis allows to control the maneuverability even while drifting. The trikes are a 100% local product - they are being developed and manufactured in Liepāja,

Cup is divided in three classes

Kids class – age 6-10 / minimum height of person 1,30 m - Registration 30 EUR, on the day of the race 35 EUR

Junior class – age 11-15 / minimum height of person 1,40 m - Registration 30 EUR, on the day of the race 35 EUR

Pro Class - age 16+ / minimum height of person 1,55 m - Registration 35 EUR, on the day of the race 40 EUR

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