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Corporate events are an important occasion for companies, as it’s a great way how to build a team and provide additional motivation for employees! If you’re seeking new ideas for corporate events to try at your next work event, you’re in the right place! Surprise your employees, colleagues and partners with an event at the Wolftrike Drift Hall entertainment complex.

Organising corporate events ideally doesn’t require much time and effort to avoid distracting employees from their day to day tasks. That’s why we’ll help with organising an exciting event for your team, which will let team members bond with each other and provide an unforgettable experience for them. Drift Hall is an excellent venue for corporate events in Riga, where to unwind with your colleagues, clients or partners, enjoying drift with Wolftrike electric drift trikes. Our employees will take care of the drift adventures on the track, awakening the competitive spirit in each of your employees! Drift trikes are a suitable activity for both adults and kids, besides, no previous experience or preparation is required. All that is necessary is a good mood, as well as the willingness to compete and chase the adrenaline!

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Trying to find ideas for corporate events to organise an unforgettable workplace party?

Wolftrike Drift Hall entertainment complex offers everything that’s necessary for an unforgettable corporate event in the centre of Riga – just a 10-minute drive away from the Old Town! The spacious and cosy Drift Hall entertainment complex, with a 3000 square meter indoor track, not only allows you to enjoy drifting with Wolftrike drift trikes, but also offers the opportunity to bring your ideas to life by adding musicians and other artists to your event.

Perfect location

Perfect location

Just a 10-minute drive from the Old Town - Mūkusalas 49 k-6

Up to 150 guests

Up to 150 guests

Drift Hall is suitable for both small and large companies – we can host groups of up to 150 guests.

Starting from 100€

Starting from 100€

Corporate events for any budget – get in touch with us and find out how much will a corporate event cost for your company!

Free drinks

Free drinks

Free Monster Energy drinks for guests of corporate events

Wide range of entertainment activities

Wide range of entertainment activities

Wide range of entertainment activities at both the indoor and outdoor area of the Drift Hall – board games, Xbox, ping pong, a professional sound system, barbecue and much more…

Organising corporate events

Events for companies at the Drift Hall

Need help with organising a corporate event? The staff of Drift Hall entertainment complex will help you to both prepare for your work event, as well as to make it run smoothly. We'll take care of breath-taking entertainment on the drift track by teaching the basics of drifting and organising a special competition with professional drift judges. To make your event even more special, we’ll also help you plan the entertainment programme outside of the drift track! Prepare the programme of your corporate event at Drift Hall according to your wishes – you can either book the whole complex for your private event or reserve certain rooms for your preferred time.

Free of charge

For your corporate event

  • Drift Hall’s leisure spaces
  • Free and Monster Energy drinks
  • Technical support
  • Board games and Xbox
  • Outdoor terrace and barbecue
  • Help with organising the event according to your planned budget

Description & Programme

For a corporate event at the Drift Hall

You can create the plan for your corporate event yourselves, however, if you’re struggling to find ideas, you can choose the one offered by us:

  • Getting to know the area
  • Learning the basics of drift
  • Practice rides
  • A drift competition with professional drift judges
  • Awarding the best drivers
  • Partying and relaxation at our leisure area
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Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of organising a corporate event at the Drift Hall?

The cost of organising a corporate event at the Drift Hall consists only of purchased rides with drift trikes. Bulk discounts are applied for rides. The minimum price for a corporate event at the Drift Hall is 100 €. However, you also have the option to book the whole complex for your private event. Contact us to find out more!

What is the capacity of Drift Hall?

Wolftrike Drift Hall is a suitable corporate event venue for both small and large companies. The indoor capacity of Drift Hall is up to 150 people, meanwhile, the outdoor space can hold up to 300 people. There can be a maximum of 10 people on the drift track simultaneously. If you have a small team, for example, of 5 people, contact us and reserve the track for a set time. Meanwhile, if you have many employees and partners, consider the idea to reserve the whole Drift Hall complex for your private company event!

Is catering available for corporate events?

We’ll take care of the catering for your event, so you can have more time for relaxing on the drift track! We offer dishes and snacks for any taste – a wide range of snacks, as well as fish, meat and vegetarian dishes. We are also able to provide banquets with waiters, if necessary.

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You can also provide snacks and drinks yourselves or choose other catering providers, if you prefer to do so.

What entertainment options are available for corporate events at the Drift Hall?

Companies can use not only our 3000 square meter drift track, but also our leisure area and outdoor terrace, as well as all of our entertainment options – rides with drift trikes, board games and Xbox – for their corporate events. Besides, we also offer the option to hire event hosts, musicians, decorators and any other kind of entertainment to help you bring the theme of your corporate event to life!

Additional services for your corporate event

For an additional price, we offer to organise a drift competition with professional drift judges and a podium ceremony for the best drivers, as well as to take care of catering, hiring musicians and other entertainment and decorating the premises.

Ideas for corporate events at the Drift Hall

You can bring the most varied ideas for company events to life at the Wolftrike Drift Hall entertainment complex, for example:

  • Team building events
  • Company anniversary celebrations
  • Company parties
  • Christmas parties
  • Events for clients and partners
  • Conferences and meetings

Get in touch with us, tell us your ideas and we’ll help to bring them to life!

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