Corporate events for companies at WOLFTRIKE® Drift Hall

We offer to enjoy an unforgettable corporate event for the employees of your company

Trying to find corporate event ideas for an unforgettable corporate party? Surprise your employees, colleagues and partners with an event at the WOLFTRIKE® Drift Hall! We’ll help you to organise your company’s corporate event, so your employees can bond together and gain unforgettable emotions! WOLFTRIKE® Drift Hall is an excellent venue for corporate events in Riga, where to relax with your colleagues or entertain your best clients, enjoying controlling drifting with Latvian-made electric trikes. The drift hall is a suitable place for big and small companies alike – we can even host groups with up to 150 people in size.

The track employees will take care of the drifting adventures on the trike track, helping to learn the fundamentals of drifting and arranging a special competition to awaken the competitive spirit in all of your employees! The drift trikes are a form of entertainment that’s suitable for both adults and children, besides, it doesn’t require any previous experience or special preparation. All that’s necessary – a good mood, as well as the desire to compete and chase the adrenaline rush!

What are the costs of organising a corporate event at the WOLFTRIKE® Drift Hall?

The cost of organising corporate events at the WOLFTRIKE® Drift Hall consists only of the number of rides with drift trikes that you have bought. A discount that’s indicated in the price list is applied when buying more rides.

What are the rules for reservation?

  • Reserve a start and end time
  • Pay only for the rides taken on the track!

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Provided FREE OF CHARGE for your company’s corporate event:

  • Refreshing drinks:
    • Monster Energy drink
    • Water
    • Coffee
  • Various Xbox games
  • The opportunity to beat your friends in board games
  • Relaxing with your favourite music in the background, using professional audio equipment
  • A place for setting tables
  • An outside terrace
  • Places for barbecuing
  • An artificial beach
  • Assistance with organising the event according to your wishes

Do you require catering services for your corporate party?

Do you wish to avoid thinking about preparing snacks and meals for your celebration? We’ll take care of the banquet and setting the tables, so you have more time left for chasing positive emotions on the drift track! We offer meals and snacks for varied tastes – a wide selection of snacks, as well as fish, meat and vegetarian dishes. If necessary, we can also provide banquets with waiting staff. If you’re not satisfied with the options that our catering partners can provide, we allow picking any other catering service that’s more suitable for you for no additional cost.

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