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From a private event to a festival

Organise your festival or any other event at the Drift Hall without paying rent for the premises!

Looking to rent a venue for events? Drift Hall offers a venue for events in Riga for organising various events. During the last year, we have hosted several large-scale music events, exhibitions, presentations of new products and various other events at the drift hall. The territory of Drift Hall, together with the outdoor stage, can host up to 10 000 people at the same time. Meanwhile, the indoor stage can fit up to 4 000 guests.

The drift hall can be adapted for the needs of various events - we have not only provided a venue for various music events but also hosted fitness competitions, built a ring for boxing matches and even hosted a circus. Because of that, our employees have gained considerable experience in organising events and we’ll gladly share it with you, to ensure that your event is successful as well.

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Outdoor stage

Indoor stage

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