On-site attractions for children and adults

Need to entertain
the visitors of your event?

We offer on-site attractions for children, adults and corporate events – we will set up a drift track with our drift trikes in any place of your choosing!

If you’re trying to find ideas for a workplace event or simply interesting attractions for adults, that you can add to your party or a team-building event with your colleagues, we offer to set up a drift track in any location preferred by you. On-site attractions will be a great choice for your event – the speed and excitement offered by drift trikes will get any party going straight away!

On-site attractions will also come in handy if you’re looking for attractions for a children’s birthday party and you want to try something new. Ddrift trikes are suitable for children over 125 cm in height and will be a great present for any adventurous child! Arrange activities for kids outdoors or at home, creating a party they will remember for a long time!

We’ll deliver the drift trikes for you to any place in Latvia and build a special drift track on location. Our employees will arrive together with the drift trikes, to take care of the safety on track, as well as driving instructions.

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WARNING! If you build a drift track at your event, there is a risk that your guests will pay their attention only to the entertainment provided by drift trikes. :)

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